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bringing plastic to shape
since 1970

Vacuum Forming and Thermoforming with Plastic


We will manufacture your products in the highest quality and at the best terms according to your requirements using a wide variety of technical thermoplastic materials and the deep-drawing and injection moulding methods.

Our own negative deep-drawing method enables us to produce a surface quality that comes so close to injection moulding that a closed casing cannot be distinguished as being a deep-draw component. Our vacuum deep-drawing process offers you a simple and cost-effective way to shape plastics for a batch production thereby providing your product with an optimal functionality and a top surface quality. Through the deep-draw method with tool costs that are almost 90 per cent below average we can enable you to manufacture your product with decisive cost benefits compared with injection moulding.

Since KVH specialises in the negative method, we can form the finest contours such as design lines, indentations, logos, surface structures, ribbed patterns and lettering.

Negative deep drawing
Positive deep drawing
CNC machining of the mold parts
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